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"Having a hard time finding a pair of jeans? Don't mind spending $150+ for a pair? Then you should try out the Blues Jean Bar. You give the gal behind the counter your size and your ideal fit and then you are handed several options to try out. And then you keep trying on more and more pairs until you find just the right one.

Hannah - the gal I worked with during my jean shopping experience was knowledgeable, patient, and sweet.

I am definitely sending my I-won't-go-jean-shopping-with-him-anymore-because-it-is-painful fiancé to Hannah and the Blues Jean Bar to see if they can finally fit him in a sexy yet functional pair of jeans.

They also carry some tops and cute jewelry."

submitted by Rebecca P. on April 13, 2011

"I highly, highly recommend this place!! I think the $$$$ is a little misleading. Prices start at $120 and go up, it seems like most jeans were around $160 - $190. I got a pair for $170 and I have never gotten so many compliments -- they are the best jeans I've ever owned! Definitely take the advice of the sales ladies - they know their jeans."

submitted by Alison K. from Park La Brea, CA on February 8, 2011

"I bought a pair of Dylan George Baby Bootcut jeans in October '10 at the Chicago location, they didn't work out and I live in Summit County Colorado so I dealt with the Denver location for my exchange. They exchanged the jeans for the same pair no questions asked and when that pair didn't work out they worked with me to find a different pair that fit my expectations...Thank you to both Lindsey's at both locations and I've told many of my friends about my experience at your shops. I will be back!"

submitted by Cathy from Silverthorne, CO on January 31, 2011

"I recently visited your Blues Jean Bar location in Chicago. I wanted to send you a note to share how great of an experience it was. The service, selection of jeans, and the fun process of the "bar" all made the visit extremely enjoyable. We came out with new denims and a new must visit store for our shopping trips."

submitted by Sunita on January, 2011

"Amazing jeans, and amazing customer service to match...The boutique itself is also really lovely. What a great concept, and so well executed. I love the attention to detail and the nice changing rooms...who doesn't appreciate a nice environment when making purchasing decisions? Whenever I am looking to shell out some cash on a great pair of jeans, I am definitely coming back here. An overwhelmingly positive experience!"

September 25th, 2010

"Buying jeans can be like to going to war without a weapon. So if you want to avoid the anguish and save time while having a GREAT experience, go ti The Blues Jean Bar... UNBELIEVABLE!!!"

submitted by Jim S. from Dublin, CA on August 29, 2010

"Who doesn't love a private event @ The Blues Jean Bar, especially when you're not paying for the jeans?! They closed the store for the private event and set up a table with Mediterranean snacks and wine and the 7 of us went to town shopping their unique collection of jeans...Great concept to do events here; the store is not too big, not too small and has a good selection of jeans you won't find anywhere else."

submitted by Jocelyn L. from San Francisco, CA on August 17, 2010

"AMAZING! Concept is you walk into the "bar" and you "order" your jeans. You get to have a whole discussion both about what you are looking for in Jeans and how other Jeans have failed you in the past. Hey- replace the word "Jeans" with "Man" and you have me talking to a regular bar tender on a Friday night!

I worked with Kim - who was awesome. We had a whole convo about my ass that was not weird at all. We were besties by the end of this experience.

I got.... THE BEST....pair of jeans and got them tailored as well. How much do I love them? When I'm not wearing them- I'm sad. I wake up and put THEM on to walk around the house now instead of my robe. These jeans SPEAK to me. I can't believe they don't have this place on the East coast!"

submitted by Debbie B. from Wakefield, MA on July 7, 2010

"I recently went to the Blues Jeans Bar, and it was just an overall great experience. I'd never owned a pair of "fancy jeans" (as our group called them), so I was excited to see what they had. Being slightly larger than the avg girl... i was afraid of not finding anything in my size. Alex however...came to the rescue!!! I found the perfect pair of jeans...gotta give it to him, the guy knows his jeans. In addition to jeans, they also carry an array of beautiful tops, dresses and accessories."

submitted by Heather C. from Los Angeles, CA on June 2, 2010

"I had a private event here and it was fabulous - Alex and his team were really accommodating, reassuring and helpful. I'm from out of town, so he made recommendations on where to buy food and they even provided beer and wine. We had about 20 people join us and the gals pulled piles and piles of jeans - it reminded me of being a teenager and getting together with the girls and trying on a zillion different outfits.

Jeans shopping has always felt like a private and uncomfortably intimate event, but with the coaching of the gals at the bar and their advice to 'try something you wouldn't normally try'. This however, was a warm, funny, silly time and everyone seemed to leave satisfied with their new pair of jeans."

submitted by Maria C. from Dallas, TX on March 25, 2010

"I absolutely love this place. The staff are so helpful and easy-going. I'm a guy and this was my first time going to a boutique to buy jeans, so I didn't know what to expect. And I don't know much about fashion either. They showed me a bunch of jeans and I quickly found one I wanted. I think the manager, Trisha, is superwoman, because she somehow made my small butt look good in jeans. Will definitely go back."

submitted by Chris J. from Dallas, TX on February 18, 2010

"Since I adore fashion, shopping of course, goes hand in hand. And then there is Jean Shopping. Topping out just under 5', my petite yet curvy frame usually makes jean shopping a nightmare experience as my legs don't ever seem long enough to fill those 33+" inseams. Oh, and a big no thank you to the 'fits in the hips but gaps in the waist so that the world can seem my undies' look.

Sigh. Needless to say, I don't own a ton of jeans. But since I do need some and was in desperate need, I headed to the blue Jeans bar on a weekday afternoon when I knew that I could get all of the attention. Good decision as the store was empty unlike my past experiences of stopping in on the weekend.

The store manager, Amanda, in a word, is AMAZING. I explained what I wanted (trouser jeans to be worn with a 3" heel as well as a casual pair to go with flats/gym shoes). She brought in a good half dozen of each style. I came out and modeled each and every item. She helped me identify the problems (pocket is too low, waist is too high, etc.) UNTIL we found the perfect two pairs. I ended up with Habitual trouser style and James Jeans straight leg.

Thank you Amanda. I won't be coming back soon but that is only because I've stocked up for the next year. That said, I will be sending my husband very soon!"

submitted by Misse D. from Chicago, IL on October 15, 2009

“I love jeans, I wear them all the time. This place is genius, a store where they devote time to figuring out the style, type, and wash of jean that looks best on you. I came in knowing that I wanted straight leg, dark wash jeans. The woman who helped me was awesome, she listened to what I wanted and came up with about 5 options immediately for me to try on. I also liked that they don't have the usual suspects i.e Sevens, Citizens for Humanity, etc, but they have new brands of jeans that I would have never heard about, but are great styles. I came away with 2 pairs of jeans that fit great and I can't wait to wear.”

submitted by Alana H. from San Jose, CA on May 24, 2009

“Not going anywhere else to buy jeans!!!! This place is the bomb. I recommend going during the week & during the day when its not packed. Went in there looking for black jeans and the guy (forgot name but he's hot and super helpful) asked what size and just had me wait for him in the dressing room. I was served 3 pairs and 1 was a perfect fit! I really appreciated not having to search for anything! Super cute store, too. Happy Shopping!”

submitted by Veronica P. from San Francisco, CA on August 25, 2009

“I love this place. The store itself is very cute and the service is exceptional. I frequently visit when I need a little retail therapy. After searching for jeans that don't gap in the back for years without much luck, the Blue Jeans bar is a heavenly experience. Today I went in to find a nice pair of everyday jeans.”

submitted by Mary M. from San Francisco, CA on March 24, 2009

“So not only do I love the jeans I bought here. I also got a thank you card in the mail today with a 10% coupon off my next pair. In addition to the buy 5, get 1 free thing. With all the personal attention, great selection, and discount after discount, really why go anywhere else? “

submitted by n Kelley B. from Marina Del Rey, CA on April 12, 2009

“Let me first just say, I HATE jeans shopping, but I found something online about the Blue Jean Bar one day and dragged my BFF there to help. I have to say, it was the best jean shopping experience I've ever had and plan to go back again, and again, and again. First of all, they know their stuff and will make suggestions based on this knowledge -not what you think you should be wearing or what your best friend is wearing or what everyone in Style magazine is wearing. And a business that offers an incentive to return, like their Buy 5 get up to $200 worth of free denim on the 6th pair earns bonus points with me!”

submitted by Lorie D. from Sherman Oaks, CA on June 11, 2009